Therapeutic Markets


Buckeye Dental is exploiting our proprietary technologies to enhance the delivery of localized pharmaceuticals into teeth.  Treatments will take place in dentists’ office as a private pay dental procedure with Buckeye merchandising the equipment, the disposable electrode and eventually the proprietary pharmaceutical.


Current Focus:  Tooth Whitening and Flouride

Tooth Whitening

For the external bleaching of vital teeth, there are three primary methods currently in use: nightguard bleaching supervised by a dentist (typically worn for two weeks), in-office or chairside whitening (typically a single appointment) and over-the-counter home whitening products.  The in-office whitening treatments can be applied alone or may be heat-, light-or laser-activated, though the literature is mixed as to the ability of activation to enhance whitening.  Activation methods may also increase to risk of harm to the patient due to high temperature increases.  Results are additionally confounded by other factors, including age, type of stain and initial tooth color. 

The technology was tested in this pilot study to determine whether MACROESISTM could enhance the efficacy of professionally-applied peroxide treatments; and deliver bleaching gels directly into tooth enamel as a feasible delivery system that could potentially eliminate unpleasant side-effects associated with multiple conventional chairside bleaching treatments.  These side-effects can typically include sore throat and inflamed gingiva.  If the technology proves viable, site-specific and potent targeted delivery could eliminate unwanted swallowing of bleaching gels due to excess salivation and peroxide leaking out of bleaching trays.

In these tests, MACROESISTM is showing promise to increase the concentration delivered and depth of penetration of whitening products to decrease treatment times, descrease risk, and  enhance whitening effects.  Initial studies have shown a 104% difference between MACROESISTM and the diffusion groups, showing improvement in shade guide unit 14 times from 0.6sgu to 9sgu.


Fluoride has been identified as an essential component of oral health and preventive dentistry, but current topical treatments exhaust their efficacy within 24 hours, requiring continual exposure to maintain effective fluoride levels.  Fluoridated water does not provide the level of targeted treatment needed for those with elevated risk factors for periodontal disease and caries development—around a ¼ of the U.S. population, concentrated among those of lower socioeconomic status. Current in-office topical applications of a layer of fluoride compound on the enamel surface do not effectively deliver fluoride into existing lesions or other microchannels and grooves where cariogenic bacteria gather.  There is no accepted treatment capable of driving fluoride into demineralized enamel layers to improve the therapeutic efficacy of fluoride exposure.  Kim and colleagues (2009) attempted to enhance fluoride-aided remineralization of caries lesions using iontophoresis, an electrochemical delivery technique based on electrostatic repulsion and electro-osmosis but were unsuccessful.  Buckeye Dental’s proposed drug delivery device—based on powerful AC electrokinetics, not iontophoresis—would be the first to prevent dental caries disease by delivering fluoride into the enamel of teeth in children and adults.

The core innovation of the proposed drug delivery device is to increase the concentration and depth of penetration of in-office topical fluoride treatments to widen the efficacy window and improve remineralization.  The device uses a series of optimally-tuned low-voltage AC signals applied with a custom-designed alignment of successive electrodes to induce temporary polarization and enhance drug mobility.  The long-term project goal is to reduce tooth decay and periodontal disease in high-risk patients by bringing a simple and accessible enhanced in-office fluoride treatment to market. 








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